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Kategorie: Oxid hliníku   Výrobce: Panametrics

The Moisture Monitor Series 3 Analyzer (MMS 3) analyzer is a single- or dual-channel analyzer with a two-line, alphanumeric LCD for moisture, oxygen, temperature and other parameters. It is available as a battery-powered portable with data logging, making it ideal for spot sampling and storing data from one or two locations without reprogramming. It also offers built-in intrinsic safety for all sensor inputs. The MMS 3 is available in rack, bench, panel, weatherproof and explosion-proof packages.

A complete MMS 3 system consists of the MMS 3, a moisture probe, interconnection probe cable and an optional sample system. The MMS 3 can also use the nondepleting oxygen cell to allow oxygen measurement.

  • Absolute humidity in gases and liquids
  • Single or dual channel
  • Optional battery-powered portable
  • 12-bit moisture measurement resolution
  • Compatible with TFM Seriestype moisture probes
  • Auxiliary inputs for other parameters
  • Computer-enhanced speed of response
  • Intrinsically safe, certified to EEx ia IIC and Class I, Div. 1, All Groups

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Brožura (EN) mms3_brochure.pdf
Manuál MMS3ServManual.pdf


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