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Kategorie: Oxid hliníku   Výrobce: Panametrics

Produkt již není v nabídce, přímá náhrada - Moisture.IQ

The Moisture Image Series 1 (MIS 1) analyzer is the top-of-the-line model in GE Panametrics’ family of Moisture Series analyzers. This multifunction analyzer uses charts, graphs and windows to display any of six parameters (moisture, oxygen, temperature, pressure and two auxiliary inputs) for as many as six channels simultaneously on a large, backlit LCD. Real-time data can also be exported to a PC using the instrument’s RS232 port and standard or custom software packages.

Combining the MIS 1 analyzer, the MIS probe, and our nondepleting oxygen cell creates a system capable of measuring as many as six points each of ambient to trace amounts of moisture and oxygen. Computer-enhanced response and a true ppbv scale are included for fast response and maximum resolution and accuracy in extremely low-level measurement applications.

For added flexibility, the analyzer’s auxiliary inputs accept measurements from any sensor with current or voltage output, making the MIS 1 a true multifunction analyzer. Other features include intrinsic safety for all inputs, isolated analog outputs, alarm relays and a built-in 24-VDC power supply for current loops. The instrument is available in rack, bench, panel, weatherproof and explosion-proof packages.

  • Absolute humidity in liquids and gases
  • Ambient to ppb moisture and oxygen ranges
  • One to six measurement channels
  • Simultaneous graphic display of six measurements
  • 16-bit moisture measurement resolution
  • Compatible with MISP,TF and M Series type moisture probes
  • Auxiliary inputs for other parameters
  • Computer-enhanced speed of response
  • Intrinsically safe, certified to EEx ia IIC and Class I, Div. 1, All Groups

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Brožura (EN) mis1_brochure.pdf
Manuál MIS1ServManual.pdf


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