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Kategorie: Oxid zirkonia   Výrobce: Panametrics

The Series 351 zirconia oxygen analyzer is suitable for monitoring and controlling any variable gas stream or atmosphere that is clean and dry. Typical uses include oxygen-enriched air feed to furnaces, combustivity index of blended fuel gases and oxygen content during heat bonding of plastics.

The Series 350 zirconia oxygen analyzer measures oxygen from 0.1 ppm to 100 percent and in high-temperature reducing atmospheres, the sensor measurement indicates the amount of oxygen and moisture existing in chemical equilibrium. The instrument provides fast response—90 percent of a step change in less than one second. Additionally, measurement accuracy increases at low oxygen concentration.

This analyzer features extremely stable sensor operation. Calibration checks or adjustments are seldom required, thus ensuring many months of trouble-free operation. When calibration checks are required, a one-point calibration is sufficient for the entire measurement range from ppm to percent oxygen.

  • Measures oxygen from 0.1 ppm to 100 percent in gases
  • Accuracy increases at low oxygen concentrations
  • Fast response: 90 percent of step change in 1 second

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