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Kategorie: Oxid zirkonia   Výrobce: Panametrics

The Series 300 microprocessor-based flue gas analyzer provides continuous and accurate monitoring of all types of combustion processes, from simple boilers to specialized heat-treatment furnaces. It uses a proven zirconium-oxide oxygen sensor and a catalytic combustibles sensor. The unique design allows a single system to cover a process temperature range from 392 to 3,092 °F (200 to 1,700 °C).

The microprocessor-based electronics of the Series 300 can display the usual percent excess oxygen and trace combustibles in flue gas. In addition, special parameters such as air factor, combustivity index, excess fuel and equivalent combustibles can also be displayed with the touch of a button on the membrane keypad. At the flip of a switch, the Series 300 electronics makes a specific fuel—such as natural gas, oil or coal—the default fuel. Thereafter, all calculations are based on the selected fuel.

The Series 300 analyzer is available in horizontal or vertical mounting configurations in either weatherproof or explosionproof packages. The Series 300 digital display is available in rack, bench, panel, weatherproof and explosionproof packages. Built-in diagnostic features, such as sensor open circuit, analyzer plugging and sensor aging, are included as part of the software package. Linear output in the form of voltage or current and one alarm relay are available for both the oxygen and combustibles sensors.

  • Measures excess oxygen and combustibles in flue gas
  • Ultrastable furnace provides best accuracy
  • Temperatures from 392 to 3,092 °F (200 to 1,700 °C)
  • Proprietary coatings extend oxygen sensor life
  • Plug-resistant, filter-free probe
  • Heater block prevents condensation and corrosion
  • Diffusion/convection loop limits particulate entry

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Brožura (EN) fga300brochure.pdf
Manuál FGA300HUserManual.pdf


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