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OxyTrak 390

Kategorie: Oxid zirkonia   Výrobce: Panametrics
OxyTrak 390

Accurate & economical combustion process monitoring. The OxyTrak™ 390 ex-situ flue gas analyzer is ideally suited for measuring unburned oxygen levels in dirty, rugged combustion applications. A diffusion convection loop design provides high levels of accuracy with minimal service or maintenance required.

  • Zirconium oxide O2 sensor housed in 700°C furnace for exceptional accuracy and reliability
  • Ex-situ convection loop design for simple installation and fast, easy maintenance
  • Suitable for temperatures to 1900°C
  • Intuitive microprocessor-based controller with configurable display for field programming
  • Auto-calibration and auto-verification
  • Auto Blow-back feature for use in extremely harsh environments
  • Optional platinum-catalyst combustibles sensor measures CO & H2 for detecting incomplete combustion

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Brožura (EN) oxytrak390brochure.pdf
Manuál OxyTrak390UserManual.pdf


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