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Hygrovision mini

Kategorie: Optika ( zrcátko )   Výrobce: Vympel
Hygrovision mini

The Hygrovision mini dew point analyzer is a compact, partially automated dew point mirror for manually measuring the dew point of water, hydrocarbons, and constituents of natural gas.

It was primarily developed for use in the natural gas industry, but thanks to its convenience and functional reliability, it is equally well-suited for all applications where quick and precise dew point information is required.

  • Monitoring the quality of industrial processes; for example the drying and purging of systems and facilities
  • Doing spot checks in the field
  • Checking the results of assorted automatic dew point analyzers
  • Light weight (3.8 kg)
  • Integrated needle valve to regulate gas flow
  • Supplemental cooling channels built into the housing for measuring low temperature dew points in high ambient temperature conditions
  • Adjustable-rate automatic mirror cooling (as per ISO 6327)

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Brožura (EN) mini_data_sheet.pdf
Manuál mini_manual.pdf


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