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Cong Prima 2M

Kategorie: Optika ( zrcátko )   Výrobce: Vympel
Cong Prima 2M

The Cong Prima 2M is an automatic through-flow hygrometer. Moreover, it is the most compact and economical solution in the industry. The concept for this dew point transducer (DPT) is based on the fundamental principle of direct measurement.

The Cong Prima 2M can be set to automatically measure the dpW or dpHC, as desired. The unit can also be easily adapted to taking measurements for the purpose of monitoring operational processes.

  • Fundamental and proven method of dew point measurement
  • Lightweight and compact
  • No separate control unit — control input by means of a magnetic key
  • Intelligent mirror cleaning mode — the mirror’s surface is scanned after each measurement cycle and cleaning is automatically based on the current condition of the mirror
  • No calibration necessary
  • No drift
  • Greatest possible degree of flexibility thanks to three different deliverable versions and modular construction
  • Dew point registration system with two independent channels, thus providing a clear distinction between water and hydrocarbon dew points
  • Maintenance can be performed without interrupting pipeline gas flow

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Brožura (EN) 2M_data_sheet.pdf
Manuál 2M_manual.pdf


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