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Kategorie: Optika ( zrcátko )   Výrobce: General Eastern

The Dew-10 Series is a family of low cost, high performance chilled mirror dew point transmitters comprising pipe, duct, and wall mount models. All models provide accurate and reliable dew point measurements over a wide range for energy management and process applications.

Accuracy for the series is +/- 0.5ºC (+/- 1ºF). Dew point may be measured over a range of -40º to +58ºC (-40º to +136ºF). The wall mount version is also available with an optional air temperature measurement capability over the same range.

  • Fundamental dew point measurement
  • High Accuracy
  • Wide operating range
  • Low-cost design
  • Outputs: dew point and optional ambient air temperature.

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Brožura (EN) dew10_brochure.pdf


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