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Kategorie: Optika ( zrcátko )   Výrobce: General Eastern

The Optica Hygrometer offers precision dew point measurement. Precisely controlled by GE's chilled mirror sensing technology - providing NIST traceable humidity,temperature and pressure measurement anywhere via the worldwide intranet.

The Optica Hygrometer measures dew point temperature by regulating the temperature of a polished metal mirror by the use of optical feedback such that a constant mass of dew or frost is maintained. The temperature of the mirror is measured with a precise PRTD and is by definition equal to the dew or frost point.

  • Simultaneously measure and display dew point, temperature, and pressure
  • Display any humidity parameter
  • Ethernet ready, so you can access GE Optica hygrometers via the Internet for remote monitoring applications
  • Data logger function lets you record & upload weeks of data
  • Primary NIST Traceable Humidity Transfer Standard
  • Accuracy to +/- 0.15°C

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Brožura (EN) optica_brochure.pdf
Manuál optica.pdf


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