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Hygrovision BL

Kategorie: Optika ( zrcátko )   Výrobce: Vympel
Hygrovision BL

The Hygrovision BL dew point analyzer is a high precision instrument for measuring the dew points of water and hydrocarbons. Equipped with an optical visualization system, it is both compact and portable. The analyzer can be used in the automatic mode for continuous online measurements and in either manual or automatic mode as a portable device.

  • An achromatic microscope for visually observing the condensation mirror's surface
  • Automatic photoelectric scanning of the mirror's surface allows for faster dew point measurements
  • Independent measurement of water and hydrocarbon dew points
  • Onboard storage of data
  • An IR port and a RS-485 interface for the electronic transfer of stored data
  • A 4” touch-screen display for quick and easy operation

Pdf Dokumentace

Brožura (EN) BL_data_sheet.pdf
Manuál BL_manual.pdf


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