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DewPro MMY31

Kategorie: Polymer   Výrobce: General Eastern
DewPro MMY31

The DewPro MMY 31 is a cost effective loop-powered transmitter designed for "in-line" installation where trace moisture measurement is required. The MMY31 mounts directly in the gas stream for applications including glove boxes, environmental chambers and test chambers.

The DewPro MMY30 features proven polymer capacitive sensor technology for ± 1°C accuracy over a –15°C to 85°C range. The instrument can be configured and controlled via PC using DewPro communications software., allowing the operator to set dew point range, adjust the loop content and read the dew point. An optional integrated display with user interface provides full programming and diagnostic capability.

  • Simple loop-powered 4-20 mA connection
  • Fast response planar aluminum oxide sensor
  • Trouble-free indoor or outdoor mounting
  • Field validation with optional MMY245 moisture analyzer
  • Microcontroller in electronics Type 4X(IP67) enclosure
  • Optional integrated display with user interface
  • Optional FM approval to Class 1, Division 1, Intrinsically Safe or explosion-proof

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Brožura (EN) mmy31_brochure.pdf
Manuál mmy31.pdf


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