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PT 878GC

Kategorie: Transport - Plyny   Výrobce: Panametrics
PT 878GC

The GE TransPort PT878GC brings clamp-on ultrasonic gas flow metering capability to the portable level. Designed for natural gas pipeline, compressed air, inert gas or any compressed gas applications, the new PT878GC has the ability to measure gas flow rates, log data to internal memory and export flow data to a PC.

The TransPort PT878GC flowmeter is geared for short-term flow survey work for gas applications. It is especially useful for metering of erosive, corrosive, toxic, high-purity or sterile gases or in any application where penetrating the pipe wall is undesirable. Installation can take as little as 15 minutes and is extremely simple since no tapping or cutting of the pipe wall is required. In addition, installation can be performed without shutting down or otherwise interrupting the process since the meter clamps onto the existing pipe wall.

  • Noninvasive clamp-on transducers
  • Temperatures up to 230 degrees C
  • Velocity, volumetric, totalized actual and standard flow
  • 3/4 to 24 inch pipe size capability
  • Built-in datalogger for 100,000 measurements
  • Built-in ultrasonic pipe-thickness gage (optional)

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