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Produkt již není v nabídce, přímá náhrada - oxy.IQ

The O2X1 is a small, two-wire, loop-powered oxygen transmitter with an advanced galvanic fuel-cell sensor and linear output. It is certified as intrinsically safe and weatherproof to NEC and CENELEC codes. Besides the standard stainless steel version, the O2X1 is also available in two other packages:

1.) The first package is a lower-cost package using Delrin for the wetted parts of the transmitter. This package has the same 1/8 in (3.175 mm) NPTF processes connections as the standard stainless steel O2X1 and is suitable for all ranges except the lowest PPM oxygen range.

2.) The second package makes the Delrin design suitable for ambient air oxygen monitoring by providing a diffusion cut-out in the lower manifold to expose the sensor. This package comeswith an aluminum mounting bracket for mounting the O2X1 to any convenient wall location.

  • Measures oxygen from 1.0 ppm to 25 percent
  • Six field-programmable ranges
  • Repeatability ± 1 percent of span
  • Self-contained cell requires no maintenance
  • 4 to 20 mA, loop powered, 9 to 28 VDC

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Brožura (EN) 02x1brochure.pdf
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