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The XDP display package provides a microprocessor-based, explosion-proof control platform for the XMO2 thermoparamagnetic oxygen transmitter, the XMTC thermal conductivity transmitter or any other 4-20mA output transmitter.

The rugged XDP display/controller is microprocessor-based and certified to Class 1, Division1, Groups B,C,D and ATEX EEx d IIC T6. Most importantly, the unit features an infrared, thru-glass touch keypad, which allows complete access to all of the XDP user programmable features including output type, range selection, automatic calibration, and error handling. The IR keypad feature allows field engineers to interact with the analyzer through the front display without the need of opening the enclosure and thus avoiding the need for traditional hot work permits.

Optional XDP software for use with the XMTC for hydrogen analysis on hydrogen cooled electric generators provides a powerful platform for this application. During normal hydrogen cooled electric generator startup, air is displaced with carbon dioxide, which in turn is displaced with hydrogen. Because of its high thermal conductivity, hydrogen cooled generators use hydrogen as the purge gas to cool the generator and maximize its output and life. During shutdown, hydrogen is displaced with carbon dioxide, which is then purged with air. Carbon dioxide is used as the intermediate purge gas during the startup and shutdown stages for safety, as air (20.9 percent oxygen) and hydrogen are a potentially explosive gas mixture.

  • Explosion-proof display/controller
  • Compatible with XMO2 oxygen transmitter, XMTC thermal conductivity gas transmitter or any 4-20mA output transmitter
  • Universal input power supply
  • IR through-the-glass keypad
  • Fault alarm
  • Auto-calibration alarm relays available for general applications
  • Optional software specifically designed for use with the XMTC for hydrogen analysis on hydrogen cooled generator applications. Measure all three gas cycles for hydrogen cooled generators:
  • * 0 to 100 percent hydrogen in air
    * 0 to 100 percent hydrogen in carbon dioxide
    * 0 to 100 percent air in carbon dioxide

Pdf Dokumentace

Brožura (EN) xdpbrochure.pdf
Manuál XDPStdUserManual.pdf


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