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Kategorie: TDLAS   Výrobce: Delta F

The DF-745SG Trace Moisture Analyzer brings the extraordinary capabilities of the DF-700 Series analyzers to applications in the specialty gas industry as well as allied applications requiring the accurate measurement of trace moisture levels in gas mixtures. This combination of high sensitivity-100ppb LDL-with broad range -100ppm- at an attractive price means that high-value specialty gas operations can now be controlled to ensure high yields economically with a DF-745SG analyzer.

  • 100ppb sensitivity with very high accuracy
  • 100ppb low detection limit (LDL)
  • No field calibration necessary
  • A wide dynamic range from 0.1ppm to 100ppm (linear)
  • An ambient operating temperature range from 10 to 40ºC
  • Fast speed of response, <10 minutes to reach 90% of an upward step challenge
  • Fast upset recovery, <5 minutes to recover from high ppm upset to within 1 ppm of previous stable reading

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