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Kategorie: TDLAS   Výrobce: Delta F

The DF-745 Trace Moisture Analyzer brings the extraordinary capabilities of the DF-750 to applications in the petrochemical industry as well as the traditional Ultra Pure Gas industry group. This combination of high sensitivity-2ppb LDL-at an attractive price means that high-value petrochemical and semiconductor processes can now be controlled to ensure high yields economically with a DF-745 instrument.

  • 500 ppt sensitivity with very high accuracy
  • 2 ppb low detection limit (LDL)
  • No field calibration necessary
  • A wide dynamic range from .002ppm to 20 ppm (linear)
  • An ambient operating temperature range from 10 to 40şC
  • Fast response time with initial dry down time of <12 hours to 20 ppb and 16 hrs to 10 ppb
  • Fast clean-up time with upset recovery from high ppb levels to within 10 ppb of previous stable reading within 5 minutes

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