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Kategorie: Kapalný elektrolyt   Výrobce: Delta F

NanoTrace II provides the lowest LDL in the industry.Part of the extensive APIMS testing by several third parties, including SAES Pure Gas Inc., is shown. NanoTrace II is an extension of the first NanoTrace used in semiconductor fabs and analytical carts around the world. It features a lower LDL, Data Graphing, Scheduled Automatic Calibrations, Automated Maintenance Logging, and a variety of other new capabilities. Every NanoTrace is manufactured under ISO 9001 control and is calibrated and operated for five weeks to ensure a fast and accurate start-up at your site.

  • Ultimate analyzer performance - very stable 75 ppt LDL in an industrial low maintenance analyzer
  • Automated maintenance on a scheduled basis keeps it up and running accurately
  • Automated data logging with 4 day and 30 day graphical records of analyzer readings

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